Short Story::Bitter Half

He stormed out. And the door shivered banging continuously. She barged into her room and dropped on the bed. Hugging the pillow, she wept. Inconsolably.

Rubbing her running nose and wiping her tears, she remembered her mother’s words “There will always be a difference between a boyfriend and a husband….”

She had coolly remarked “Abhi is not like Nana, Amma…”
“Priyamavada.. “ her mother screamed, as Priyamvada Rao was packing her clothes to live a blissful life with Abhimanyu Tripathi, her college sweetheart and now, husband.

“mind your tongue. You’ve gone mad … when you begin to live together, you will know the pain..Money is important too.. Love will not buy you things..” her mother advised before Priyamvada left the home to live with Abhi.

She remembered the innumerable advices that poured in when she decided to leave her home and get married to Abhi. One of her school mates had advised “Aiyoo.. Priyu.. why do you want marry North Indian re? They only look fair and nice re.. Even Akka loved my neighbor but luckily Amma had saved her.”

Priyamavada laughed and had brushed all the thoughts, aside then. She knew Abhi too well and all these were mere foolish comparisons.

But, why did she think of it now? She wiped her tears and looked for her phone. She looked around the one BHK flat. Finally, she found her phone, lying near the stove. They had purchased it and most of the essentials mortgaging her gold ornaments.

She had taken it while leaving home for buying the essential items for survival till Abhi and she secure a job.
In haste, she dialed his old number. When the electronic message read. She realized that they had changed their numbers.

She searched for his new number and dialed it. Her heart beat faster and the phone rang.
Tring.. Tring..
It rang.. Abhi took a last puff and finally threw the cigarette. He ignored his phone which rang incessantly. The phone vibrated again. It was a message. It read “I am very sorry.. :(.. Come home.. I miss you..” He messaged “In a while. I love you!”
She replied “I love you a lot..”

He purchased the third cigarette at the Pan Shop and paid 3 rupees to him. The Pan shop owner said in a monotonous tone.. “Four rupees..”
And, he handed it over to him, after searching his pockets thoroughly. He reminisced the Pan shop wala near college where his account was still due, and smiled. His friends and he used to purchase packets and go on long drives.

He consulted his friends when he he decide to go against his family’s wishes and marry Priyamwada. His friend Prajwal had suggested, “Don’t worry yaar..We are there for you… My uncle works in a company.. and we can manage a job..His term is about to end but we can manage… ”

“you leave your home and another one BHK flat is ready for you.. You earn and you can even pay for your college fees..” Prajwal encouraged

After a lot of contemplation, Abhimanyu decided to move out of his home. He had convinced Priyamwada too. She was skeptical in the beginning but eventually agreed. After all, they felt they were inseparable and nothing could separate them. In the beginning, they tried convincing their respective parents . Their denial and their fury, forced them to take the extreme step of revolting against them.

After a lot of melodrama at Priyamwada’s home, she left the home. Taking her father’s curse and her mother’s advice against the wedding, Priyamwada Rao walked out. Abhimanyu’s family refused to even talk with him.

Abhimanyu and Priyamwada finally moved out to make a life of their own.
But by the time, they had decided to move out, Prajwal’s uncle term had end and the management had changed. They had decided to recruit only candidates with an year or more of experience.

Prajwal’s uncle had tried but failed to help Abhi. When Prajwal broke the news to Abhimanyu, he was shattered.

Prajwal said “No worries yaar.. we will manage..” “But still, it would take time!” Abhi thought
How would they complete their education? How would Priyamwada pursue her ambition? How long would the mortgaged money last? Their friends were still in college too! How long would they help them? And how much would they help?

That evening, the battle of “I told you so..” “We should have listened to our parents..” followed and for the first time, they felt the harsh pinch of reality.
Abhimanyu walked back to his home, kicking the stone that lay on the road. He could not think anything. He went to the flat and found the door still open.
He went in to see Priyamwada still crying. He hugged her tight. After hours of incomprehensible silence,
each of them had a glassful of milk and slept.

The next morning, Abhimanyu was still lying down on his bed. Hoping the day would be better, Just then, he heard Priyamwada scream ..”Abhiiiiiiiiiiiiii… “
He jumped out of his bed.. and ran to her.. she cried “My jewellery is missing..”

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Kal, Aaj aur Kal


Getting over that indolence she brings every time, Vicky switched the Television on.

Match! Ah! As his favourite cricketer was about to hit the spin of the angry bowler, there was a power cut. Cursing the Government, Vicky made a call to his friend Abhi “Hey what happened, man, there was a power cut?”

Abhi replied “Hello.. I can’t hear anything Vicky..”

Vicky said “Wait..” and rushed to the balcony

Abhi was screaming “Hey..Vicky..”

Before Vicky could reply, He was lost in that………..familiar scent..


Waking up from his reverie,

Shyam tried hard to concentrate

The image of Manjula smiling

Never escaped his memory

“FIFTEEN long months,” he thought sipping the froth

Every time he was alone,

He slipped into the syndrome of “escapade from a mundane life”

But Manjula’s sweet talks would engage his life, now, a broth

That morning he was extremely happy, Ah! a pause to his pain

Shaving his beard, he wore that white t-shirt,

and rushed towards the Airport, to meet Manjula

Finally, in couple of hours he would able to kiss life again

Old Fashion:

Drying her hair, oft she’d think of his gaze

Filled with love, his eyes would be stuck at her

Even while sipping tea in their Verandah

with their large family

The silk sari, he picked for her on one of his business trips

She draped it today for the 23rd time

Never letting a drop of oil or

a pinch of pickle touch the palloo of the saree,

With pride she fondled it’s edges,

sitting in the backyard, drying her hair

Though a tinge of white now seemed apparent

But her charm never seemed to fade

Just then,

Holding his dhoti, he swiftly opened the gate,

That familiar sound..

She blushed and ran inside

Pouring the Masala Chaas in a Brass Glass,

She put it on the table

As he sipped deliciously, she smiled

Wiping the kitchen,

she reminisced that moment when

she discovered that he loathed tea

but everyday when she prepared he had it

As their family dissolved into members, two

Everyday, she fell in love with this person, new

Dedicated to all those who believe in the old-fashioned love story

Just penned it. Im not even sure if you could call it a poem. Pardon me

Thoughts? Comments?

Pee, me and mother

I had joined college at the age of twenty-nine
Made few friends, of them, Pee was a very good friend of mine.
One day she called me to her home to dine

From college we decide to go together,
As soon as Pee entered, her servant was ready with a glass of juice
Sipping it she burped: What is this? Extra sugar, increasing my content of fructose

Servant cried: “amma! Told me you needed it! You will become week . She also arranged for a platter”
Pee hissed: Amma doesn’t know anything! Already my waist size has increased by a centimeter
I am avoiding all kinds of fatty foods, some days I suffice my lunch with a glass of water

While Pee was busy arguing, I ogled the huge mansion
The walls were painted with a rich color, an alloy of cream and crimson
On the centre table was kept a mixture of dates and raisin

Pee said angrily: Come, let’s go and have proper food.
She said: Heavy stuff here. Mumma is no good
I followed here, deciding not to be rude

She took me to a local restaurant where they sold boiled carrot and cabbage
she handed the menu over to me for a second and ordered before I could rummage
the food arrived and with folded hands to the holy one, I paid my homage

She said: I know you are a bit upset over what happened
And sighed: On my own family, I can never depend
They always look down upon me, hence I decided on my own I shall fend

I looked around the shack, I saw a couple of rough-stubbled faces
They waved her a hi and gave a peck, some looked at me with grimace
She said: I’d been a wreck in life. But, with help of these guys, anything I can face

I was lost for a while, she asked me what was wrong
I said: leave it! You would be hurt. You would never understand
She said: I insist. Else, with a woman like my mom, your life would be thronged

I laughed. She thought it was with her. Anyway, I began: my mother never had a chance to meet me.
Most of the times, I craved for a glimpse of her, she was working hard, while I tried to get a degree

After a hit-and-run case, life had changed for me, I became very depressed
For me, life without my mother was a wreck, and my emotions I began to suppress

When I see a mother and a child,
I know in me she is alive

I do not know Pee, if you love your mother or not
But I know she loves you a lot.

She is a wonderful mother
But today, I must offer my condolences to her.

No. I am not 29, all characters in this story are a work of fiction. If the character resembles any person in real, My condolences.

Hope invades

The sun shines bright,
erasing my fears,
filling my heart with love
thus removing the fright,

O! love I know you shall stand by me,
making the stubborn me and the wise you, we ! 🙂

Can True Love Exist Without Compromise??

I had a really interesting discussion with my room-mate. You might not believe me, but it was about ‘True Love’. Yeah yeah I know you’ll say that none of you have the slightest of hint what the crap that means and still you guys even give an attempt to dissect such a great phenomenon. Well we can always discuss my ignorance in this field some other day, but I thought that sharing with you the glimpse of this discussion might be fun.

I don’t know how it started and what was the actual topic of discussion (we are mostly unable to back-track our ‘original’ discussions), but then we started debating whether true love can exist without compromise or not. I am giving both of ours arguments below; based upon your own experience/observation/opinion; feel free to share your thoughts on it:

Room-Mate: First of all, no-one in this world is perfect. There can’t exist a person who’ll be a custom-made tailored piece and ditto the same we desired as our life-partner. So at the end of the day with whom-so-ever you decide to marry, that person will surely have some drawbacks, some lacking, some unwanted traits and you can’t simply wish them away. But in true love, you are happily able to compromise with their inabilities in all these areas and still are able to love them selflessly. Compromise is an integral part of a successful long term relationship and that’s the harsh truth of life. The earlier you accept it, the better you’ll be able to digest the other drawbacks of your life partner. So better be ready to trade-off some of your dreams if you want to take this chance.

Me: I don’t know what true love is, frankly speaking, but I do understand that it has to be a really beautiful feeling. I feel that it has to be the best addiction ever invented when I see people just craving for a partner. But if it involves pain, sacrifices and compromises; then how can it be so desirable? I mean, of course logic gets pretty irrelevant when love comes into picture, but when you are so much sure that you’ll have to compromise and sacrifice on your way, then there has to be a better yield. But as far as I have observed and analysed it, from my point of view, people who are truly happy in love never compromise. I mean, literally, NEVER. I feel that when you are in love with someone, you love their inabilities also. Their drawbacks don’t really interfere with you much so it doesn’t take any effort from your side to simply ignore them. It’s just like if I am blind, it doesn’t matter if my partner is ugly; similarly, if their negatives are not resonating with your untolerating areas, then there is no question of compromise. You simply don’t care about them, simple! And moreover, there are sooooo many good things about her/him as well! And there is another area to be thought upon when you say that you are ‘compromising’. A compromise, for me, is something which is done without the doer’s will/desire. It is something you do when you are left without a choice. And in love, it is the ONLY thing you WANT to do for that person. So it is not a ‘compromise’ but a ‘choice’ you are making and you are always proud of doing that because it gives her/him happiness. A compromise always hurts you in the long term and makes you realise that you have ‘lost’ something in order to gain something. But when you have done something in love, you actually do not care about the thing you lost because it is simply irrelevant to you.

I guess my knowledge about love is really very narrow and seriously I do not understand it much so I am seeking your advice if I was wrong in my way of thinking and my friend was right or did I hit the spot anywhere? Also I would like to apologize to my friend, without taking whose permission, I am simply writing this Blog. Do let me know your comments.

PS: It still doesn’t mean I have changed my thoughts. Singles Rock!!!!

I wonder! I am Sorry! Thanks! :)

There are times when you cannot help, but just sit on your chair, look up at the ceiling …and wonder…how difficult and troublesome your life could have been…And how wonderous and beutiful it is…at this very moment. And it is these moments we tend to lose, in our daily rush for bread and butter…We tend to forget that we all are fortunate ones…we tend to forget to say ‘Thanks’ and ‘Sorry’ at the right and required times…

I was going through these thoughts…and was looking to pen down my words…when I was able to lay my hands on this poem I had written long back for a very obvious person…Hope …everyone will like it!

इस अनजानी सी दुनिया में
बेगानों की भीड़ में
जो भुला दे सारे थकान
वो मुस्कान मिल गयी!

जिसकी एक प्यार भरी नज़र
करे दिल पे ऐसा असर
की भूलूँ सारे कहर
वो नज़र मिल गयी! 

जिसके साथ पे
जिसके दम पे
जीत लूं सारी दुनिया
वो ताकत मिल गयी!

जिसका हाथ पकड़
मैं चलूँ जहाँ तक हैं रास्ते
बिना किसी डर, सिर्फ उसके वास्ते
वो हमराह मिल गयी!

थोडी सी नजाकत
थोडी सी वो नटखट
ढेर सारी शरारत
ऐसी मोहब्बत मिल गयी!

बहुत सारा रूठना
खूब सारा मनाना
इन नोक-झोंक पे फिर मुस्कान
वो वजह मिल गयी!

बरसों से जो थी एक तमन्ना
जो था एक प्यारा ख्याल
उसकी…. उस तमन्ना से भी खूबसूरत
एक मिसाल मिल गयी!

मैं, शायद, पहली बार
हूँ खुशकिस्मत
की मेरी मोहब्बत को
…तुम मिल गयी!! 

[A repost from my personal blog Whimsical Acumen]