Did I?!

Did I ever tell you?

You are so sweet and dear…!

You make me shiver…

You make me shudder…

You make me smile and shun away in shy!

You make me feel wet…

You make me yonder in love….

You make me wait for you…

You make me drool for you!

I just love the way you are….!

So pure, so white…and so sharp that you prick me with your love.

You are my thirst and you drench me with a shower…!

Every time I am with you I wish for more

The more I have of you the more I look for you

You seem to come to me like a summer dream…!

I am yours…come take me!

Oh! Sweet Rain…! 🙂


Missing college in this rainy weather

Those days when we never had money in our pockets, Yet, the smell of bajjis or samosas would fill our stomach with its redolence. We would ask somebody or perhaps suffice our needs with the change we carried And bring the whole gang of friends to have the samosa, one or two.
A small bite, a small sip from the 3 rs coffee would suffice our tummy Today while we sit under the nose of coffee machine,Trying to press the buttons of cappuccino, mochachino, nothing fills our stomach.

Through the tinted window,
A drop or two of the rain I touch
The memory is saved that I have seen in a gist
And engrave a smiley face on the window with the mist

Getting back to my daily chores
I pluck a button or two
And I’m lost
In the magic of the dew

How I wish! I’d feel other than cold
Take a dip in the nature’s pool
Smile at the sun and
view world beyond the walls of EMIs, payroll

Not that i hate office or anything but today, was a day where i did miss college

( our gang was of 17 members.. this was jest a gist) And the specs were CHORIED (would have used robbed :P) but CHORIED sounds college-like 😀