Terminator – Salvation

Terminator - Salvation

Terminator - Salvation


I could never watch a movie that I wanted to so badly in its first day first show! And a very few of the big-screen experiences I’ve had till date could deliver such a passion, thrill.. excitement!! Real entertainer!!

Its year 2018. The Skynet has taken over the control of Global weapon system, and most of the colonies the human race have developed so far are ruined to ashes. Except some underground existence of human race, only thing found on the land is debris of the devastated human marvels. Amongst these ruins lives the resistance, the secret army confined in scattered hideouts, with a common goal to destroy Skynet and a complete faith in John Connor.

But, the culprits behind the Skynet had already started its extreme version of Terminator. Marcus. The dashing, handsome hunk was once sentenced to death in 2003. But, he was revived later, upon his agreement to donate his body for R&D. The new Cyborg incarnation of Marcus with a body of bolts aimed to jolt has a brain and heart of a man.

Will John Connor and his army be able to destroy the Skynet? Or, the Marcus’ heart will be overridden by the purpose he’s remade to serve – genocide of human race?

Absolutely stunning graphics. Signature soundtrack with a qualitative reincarnation of the music (don’t miss shockingly awesome introductory music) and sound effects. A solid story line that a hard-core terminator fan OR any Sci-Fi fan would expect with an apt screenplay required for the plot to be perfectly generated. The second half slows down a bit, becoming a little draggy if you’re not connected with the storyline.. but worth watching for a hell-bent entertaining, its a great action thriller of the summer of ’09.

A must watch on the big screen. I’d rate this movie 8/10.

Ronak R. / RokZRooM


mota-blogs.com….A new beginning!!

Manor Of The Ardent -Quite an absurd place it seems on the onset…doesn’t it? Lets try and decipher what it can be? What is it? A Manor..a villa…simply a place …a gathering of ardent people.

Why Ardent? Well, just because obstacles fail to deter these people from doing what they like…Ardent… because each one of them is driven by passion…Passion for Love…Love for the country and its people…Passion for Music…Passion for travelling…Passion for Science…Passion for Living life less commonly…So… this place will witness an extravaganza of sorts.

But still, what is it? In a smaller, understandable form..its a collaborative blog. And I feel it’s the least we can say about it…as it is much More than that… Its an assemblance of bloggers from all genres, with an amazing fetish for sharing of knowledge and experience . Its a commemoration of Love and Respect…for people…for their work…for the admiration of their work…for the longing…for the sake of not missing their effervescent pieces of art…more commonly known as posts.

Its more than a collaborative blog. A venture…unseen…A lovechild of people who, till very recently hadn’t, even met. A befitting example of organizational bond developed amongst its associates by an intranet blog. A community of people who know each mostly through a very effective medium of blogs, who have now ventured out into the open with their plethora of experience and knowledge…into the manors of a wider audience.
So…How did they come together? A common background of working or having worked for the same organization and being in an unforseen bond.
14 people…of varied experience…of varied interests…of varied knowledge…of varied calibre…driven by varied passions…come together to start this extravaganza…which in its first week of conception has set records and standards of the highest levels…Just a small example of this claim:
Visits (total in 8 days) : 1700 (approx.)
Average visits per day : 200 +
Total Posts : 45
No. of comments : 500 +
Visitor locations : 300 (approx.) from all around the globe
Amazing? Not yet! As the wonderous potential this space holds is tremendous. One writer is on the verge of starting an All India Trip on foot for the mere Love of this Country – India..Another one is an already an acclaimed blogger for his travel, advertisements and consumer review blogs…One writer is brimming the release of his Music Album, One has already released One…Another is a movie database…One is very health conscious…Another one has a passion about bicycling…and the list goes on…and on…This post is actually too small to describe even a single one of the writers…
So…what should you expect in the space? Everything! Travelling…Movies..Music…Reviews…Books…Humour…Politics…Society…Personal Statements…Experiences…Diversity…In short …the space will be a wholesome infotaintment.
Now…what are you waiting for?…Go!…Get hooked and book a permanent space in the Manor! 😀 😉

Review: 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day

If you’ve known me for long enough, you might know that I get deeply engrossed by and involved with the music I listen, I adapt, I love, and then… I live through.

There hasn’t been good new releases (for my taste) for quite some time in the international rock spectrum recently! But this one captured me, completely.

After the much acclaimed American Idiot, Green Day comes with another wonderful album with their own signature elements! If truth must be told, I never listened much of rock till I came across Metallica (well, thats too solid a taste for all to start with, but I loved their evergreen titles anyway! And yes, I can proudly say, I love rock!!!) Coming back to the Green Day’s release, 21st Century Breakdown, there’s much to offer to the listener in the two CD bundle with 18 solid tracks.

One of my close friends once had a discussion with me (when I was much into Hip-Hop and Rap and blues – all at once though for different reasons and specialties) when I argued whether Rock is the evergreen genre or not! I was ignoramus then!?

Especially after coming across some of the best music of the rock scene’s history, my perception changed a bit, giving a a bit preferential treatment and a special place for Rock in my heart.

Coming back to Green Day, I recall the first song I heard from them was Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Still, its one of my all time favorites! They’ve always proved the special place they deserve in the Rock scene.

21st Century Breakdown comes with 3 portions termed as acts. This gives a unique identity by segregating the tracks in a special theme, under the act names Heroes and Cons, Charlatans and Saints, Horseshoes and Handgranades. As always, you’ll fall in love the way they tell you the story.  Its a must-own album for rock fans, with a touch of ballads, a concern for the world overflowing in most of their songs, and lyrics filled with awesomely apt vocab.

Some of the must listen songs, which I’ve been constantly listening and humming for past couple of weeks, are Last Night On Earth, Viva La Gloria, Viva La Gloria (Little Girl), Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns, Restless Heart Syndrome… Ahh, well, each of them is special; and most of it will soothe your Rock appetite for sure. But these all are my (current) favs from this album!

Not saying I am capable of, but if I had to rate this album, it would get a score of something around 84/100.

GreenDay Official Site |     Green Day on Last.FM


RokZRooM / Ronak R.

P.S. May be I’ll post more posts, as I usually do, about the lyrics of each songs I love most and how they make me feel – though on my personal official blog and website. I feel it wouldn’t be fair to fill this place with a hoards of posts every week. Instead, 1-2 of the best of everyone’s post will keep the variety alive and give everyone a unique chance, a special place, and keep the quality top notch!