Taxi Driver (1976) Review

As promised this review corner is for some of the hollywood classics and I’ll start with one of my favourites: Taxi Driver. In March 1977, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences committed another in their seemingly-endless series of injustices, awarding the Best Picture Oscar to Rocky, thereby snubbing one of the great modern American classics, Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. They snubbed him time and again in later years for Goodfellas, Aviator, Last Temptation of Chirst, Gangs of Newyork etc. (Finally he got his first Oscar for The Departed in 2007).

DVD Cover of Taxi Driver

DVD Cover of Taxi Driver

Talking of Taxi Driver…it features one of the Scorsese’s two fav actors Robert De Niro (The other one being Leonardo Di Caprio). Robert Di Niro is Travis Bickle, a 26-year old ex-Marine searching for work that will keep him up all night as a means of combating insomnia. At the outset, Travis is a lonely, disillusioned man who can still function within the “normal” constraints of society. As time passes, Travis becomes increasingly alienated from the world around him, spiraling into a state of dissociated delusion. He sees New York City as a place of urban decay populated by “animals” and “scum” that need to be swept away. And who better than him to initiate the process? De Niro’s performance is so perfectly-tuned that we in the audience don’t have a moment’s doubt or disbelief about what’s taking place in Travis’ troubled mind.

This is expert film making from Scorsese the depth of which can only fully be appreciated on repeat viewings. So I am not going to tell you everything what the movie is all about, I just recommend it for that perfect weekend. Just grab that DVD.

I’ll be back with more reviews next time…till that time you enjoy Taxi Driver!!!!

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