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It was a wild goose chase, every morning. Waking up at the snooze button and then rushing for a bath and then scurrying to work: Listening to the woeful tales of her colleagues, run through the errands and then meet Rohan. They would exchange pleasantries and then meet at the cafeteria for breakfast.
But, fate betrayed her when their team lead Shubro began to delegate more work gauging her efficiency and contribution, soon her love seemed oblivious to Rohan. A spate of incidents created a tiff. She had always loved Rohan for his honesty and when he called her to tell her about how he felt that their relation was no longer the same, she decided to resign. She knew no amount of cajoling would work.
Today was a different day. At the crack of dawn, she completed her regular chores and then dressed leisurely. It was her first day at her new office.
She waited at the bus stop. 42 H it read. She climbed the unusually vacant bus. She chose the quiet corner of second row.
Seated comfortable, she continued reading the book “Reluctant Fundamentalist” by Mohsin Hamid.
The bus halted near the tall building. Forgiving Rohan wasn’t easy but when she did, a sense of satisfaction and soon, metamorphosised into confidence filled with sky rocketing dreams.
She joined a new process here, which required extensive training. “Third floor, Madam” the security said. She entered the training room but nobody was present.
Soon, a bunch of stoic faces entered one by one. Some mistook her to be a trainer, but she confirmed she was one of them.
Among them, a well chiseled face smiled and sat beside her in the second row. He introduced himself as Gaurav. Before, she could introduce herself, the trainer entered the room. When she introduced herself in the usual round of introductions, Gaurav smiled.
The training stole the whole day. At the end of the day, she was famished. She waited till everybody left. Her mind often jostled to the first day at her previous organization when she met Rohan and he offered her a lift. In her naivety, she agreed.
In the elevator, she met Gaurav again. He looked as tired as she was. Exchanging a quick bye, he left. Famished, she stepped home, she was happy to see Reema. Most of the time, Reema was at office, now a days completing her deadlines or assisting others in doing so. She gorged on sumptuous sandwiches, her roomie, Reema prepared.
Reema was unusually happy and said that they must go out for dinner. She was promoted. She was in a frenzy. She had worked hard, skipping meals, sometimes staying back at work. She was overtly passionate. She truly deserved it. They dined at the New Mexican restaurant that opened a yard away. Reema asked “What happened? You look worried”
She replied “Nothing. Just a little tired” Reema ordered and they munched between memories and laughter. Reema and she had been friends since college. An evening with Reema meant reminiscence of their second bench, cooking sessions, movies and of course their charming Prashanth Reddy Sir.
The next few days juggling between tests, new friends and cautiously avoiding Gaurav.
“A month already” she moaned. Today was the last day of their rigorous training. “Let us all go out tomorrow” the trainer announced.
Dressed in a plain white salwar embroided with shiny stars, she took Reema along. Her trainer said “Ah! A welcome relief from the western wear” and embraced her and gave Reema a firm handshake. She did not wear a salwar since long. She felt lighter today, perhaps, she was happy being around certain people though she refused to confess.
Reema said “Did you look at that guy dressed in black? Gaurav? Is it? He was staring at you” She gave her a stern look.
Reema teased “I was just sharing information” she replied “stop being a diplomat” and she blushed.
Reema said “Come on Gayatri, Rohan is now passé. chuck what Aunty told. Move on. “
Pondering upon what Reema said, she was not wrong either.
She woke up with a smile and folded her hands to the sun, as mother would do. A sense of relief filled her heart. As if somebody just borrowed all her inhibitions or maybe adopted it.
The brutal routine would begin from today. Seated in her new work station, as her new team lead, Deepa mentored her. She adept to the work soon. After the first week, Reema and she moved into her new home. Even Reema’s office moved close to her office. So they decided to move closer to work.
She opted for the cab now. She wanted to tame herself to be punctual.
The first day, she called everybody who was taking the transport. Gaurav was on the list too. He said he would be coming in 2 minutes. He was disappointingly punctual . They exchanged pleasantries. She sat at the back seat. She always loved being lost. She never listened to music. She was still hooked to “Reluctant Fundamentalist” Gaurav asked “Mohsin hamid, is it?” I have read “Moth Smoke, have you?”
She smiled “No I haven’t and replied bluntly “I am eager to complete this”
Gaurav teased “Ok. Carry on”
“Thanks!” she grunted
Ah! The abhorrence would not leave so soon. Despite herself, she did not apologise.
The next day,
Gaurav said “Hi..”
She forced herself to say a Hi.
Every day, she would not look at him or towards the same direction.
She did an OT last night. She wondered if she was “Reema in the making”
Taking the last cab, she left home and was surprised to see Gaurav. Arrgh!
She sat at the edge of the seat.
…. to be continued…


Love to be the Victim of Luck!!

Destiny, Fate, Fortune, Providence, Luck, Kismet… to think of it, what is it? When I look at it…Luck…has two different connotations.. To some it is the most imperative and essential element in their lives; people who can be called patrons or clients of Luck. If they pause and reflect, they would realise…it is their Luck which has made them sail through plenty of situations and difficulties, and may be its their Luck because of which they are at this moment enjoying success in their lives.


And then… there are some, like me, who can be called the victims or preys of Luck, people whom Luck hates. For us Luck has not given us anything except more of troubles and difficulties. But, for us too, Luck is imperative…as without it our lives would have been so dreary and lacklustre(at least I feel so!) There would absolutely be no adventure or fun. I cannot even imagine things going right or ‘My Luck favouring me’ when I am up to something.

My day doesn’t seem usual until and unless something or the other goes wrong. And I love such days…When I am supposed to pick up my best friend from the station… drop him at my place and then come to office, all before 11’o clock at least…and instead…I land up in the most immense of traffic jams… make him wait at the station for an hour…then again go through that jam only to find out I have ran out of petrol…push my bike to the Petrol Pump and when I look into my wallet I do not have any cash and the Pump doesn’t accept any cards and the ATM machine at the Pump is not working…then will have to hire an auto rickshaw to the nearest ATM… fetch enough money and return to the place where I had parked my bike…this time to find out …the bike ain’t there…its gone…has been picked up by the Traffic Police…then rush to the Police Station… beg to the officer…pay him a bribe of Rs 250 -300…After that, somehow manage to get my friend back to my flat…this time to find out the flat key is missing in my key ring…Then again rush to the office…get the key from my Flatmate…come back…open the flat…make my friend at home…rush back to the office…the time by then is 2’o clock and my TL is on the verge of blowing up …as that particular piece of my code is not working on which several other modules are dependant…Stand in front of him as a Mujrim…get a good bash for the error…then while debugging find out that it isn’t a error in your code, but some data is missing…

After all said and done…in the evening…when it’s time to head back home…and that feeling of ‘It’s all over’ has set in…My lady luck smiles back…points at my bike and says… ‘Dude! Look at your bike…it’s a 200kgs Royal Enfield…parked at 2nd basement…and the rear tyre is puncture…so gear up…it’s not over yet! 🙂 :)’…somehow, mustering up all the courage…I push it again…against the steep incline of the parking…telling to myself ‘The Tyrewala is right next to the gate’…I push it… come to the gate and Voila!…The repair shop is closed…so Dude! Push it…2kms further..to the next shop…

Well…that’s my LUCK…and I love to be its victim…In fact, when eventually it’s the end of the day…and I lay back on my bed…reflecting…on the day…I just have one thought… ‘Had everything gone smoothly…would it be… The same FUN?’

mota-blogs.com….A new beginning!!

Manor Of The Ardent -Quite an absurd place it seems on the onset…doesn’t it? Lets try and decipher what it can be? What is it? A Manor..a villa…simply a place …a gathering of ardent people.

Why Ardent? Well, just because obstacles fail to deter these people from doing what they like…Ardent… because each one of them is driven by passion…Passion for Love…Love for the country and its people…Passion for Music…Passion for travelling…Passion for Science…Passion for Living life less commonly…So… this place will witness an extravaganza of sorts.

But still, what is it? In a smaller, understandable form..its a collaborative blog. And I feel it’s the least we can say about it…as it is much More than that… Its an assemblance of bloggers from all genres, with an amazing fetish for sharing of knowledge and experience . Its a commemoration of Love and Respect…for people…for their work…for the admiration of their work…for the longing…for the sake of not missing their effervescent pieces of art…more commonly known as posts.

Its more than a collaborative blog. A venture…unseen…A lovechild of people who, till very recently hadn’t, even met. A befitting example of organizational bond developed amongst its associates by an intranet blog. A community of people who know each mostly through a very effective medium of blogs, who have now ventured out into the open with their plethora of experience and knowledge…into the manors of a wider audience.
So…How did they come together? A common background of working or having worked for the same organization and being in an unforseen bond.
14 people…of varied experience…of varied interests…of varied knowledge…of varied calibre…driven by varied passions…come together to start this extravaganza…which in its first week of conception has set records and standards of the highest levels…Just a small example of this claim:
Visits (total in 8 days) : 1700 (approx.)
Average visits per day : 200 +
Total Posts : 45
No. of comments : 500 +
Visitor locations : 300 (approx.) from all around the globe
Amazing? Not yet! As the wonderous potential this space holds is tremendous. One writer is on the verge of starting an All India Trip on foot for the mere Love of this Country – India..Another one is an already an acclaimed blogger for his travel, advertisements and consumer review blogs…One writer is brimming the release of his Music Album, One has already released One…Another is a movie database…One is very health conscious…Another one has a passion about bicycling…and the list goes on…and on…This post is actually too small to describe even a single one of the writers…
So…what should you expect in the space? Everything! Travelling…Movies..Music…Reviews…Books…Humour…Politics…Society…Personal Statements…Experiences…Diversity…In short …the space will be a wholesome infotaintment.
Now…what are you waiting for?…Go!…Get hooked and book a permanent space in the Manor! 😀 😉

Sitting on the Moon, Watching Planet Blue!

Savithhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa =) hehe… you said it!! Now that’s what we’d call you as.. 😉 heheh.. just kidding. 😛

Okay.. so Savita passed the baton to me, but I’m sure I’ll try my best to blow the flames off with the gibberish all over.. 🙂

1. What is your passion?

Besides the fact that I live through music (may be you know how if you’ve come across my blog posts earlier regarding this addiction, a beloved obsession), I’m kind of a speed maniac as well, riding my bike genrally at an average speed of 70-80 km/h. 😉 Have a deep interest in Physics, and most of the science stuff in general, nature. I love to fly… would want to sky-dive and try “bird-man” once in my life.

2. Cinema and Politics?

I adopt a lot of imagination, motivation build aspirational dreams through movies.. so, does that help make it clear my choice of movies!?? 🙂 Used to love Sci-Fi a lot from childhood. Politics, yes, deeply interested in it and aspiring to contribute all I can in making our nation, and the world, a better place. Would love to join Nafs in this endeavor some day.

3. One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term

Bring back the old glory – my golden sparrow. :’-) Taksha Sheela… Nalandaa.. Yoga… Spiritualism…. the west is adpoting our tradition and we’re moving away from ourselves, our true soul.
Good things I’d want to witness within my lifetime… Uplift the poors, develop the villages, start with education & infrastructure. A nation-wide knowledge TV accessible to anyone, which broadcasts knowledge off all the fields. Not just another GyanDarshan, but highly sophisticated knowledge channel that aims to enrich the lives of every indian by providing the right information, a channel that speaks the truth, is NGO-funded, aims to bring TRUTH out, and make every indian feel proud of what we are capable of, how well we are doing, and where we would want to go.

4. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term

Neither hastily take any job… nor procrastinate my decision till death. I’d want to live my dreams… each of them… one by one… starting with music. 🙂

5. One good thing you want to happen for this community of bloggers – Long term

We reach the acme of the goals we’ve set for ourselves, continue sharing the life as we live through, and some day in future meet again in a grandeur intellectual meet that aims to make the world a better place… do something for the world.

6. A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here.

Nafs – I like his guts, but doubt his path! 😛 But I’m DAMN sure he’s going to set a good example for all of us.
Abhishek – I love his intellectual quotient and love for physics and hunger for knowledge.
sanket, hashir, deepak – bunch of coolness.. 😉
All of us – together – can do something really great and helpful to the world. Hope we do so soon..

7. Flirted?

Always… but never. 🙂 I keep on looking.. like a wolf towards a moon (hope you’ve heard that story). Won’t utter a word though, never. But I genuinely admire the ones I like. Some pure admiration with clean intentions and emotions, thats it. 🙂

8. Loved?

In school.. had a close friend… (in std 6. 😛 ) but we changed school… and she disappeared.. .and I still miss her… is that love?

8. Loved?

Same story continues in school days… plenty of times… so CCP.. read.. re-read..

8. Loved?

And then… nothing in college – graduation.. 😉 friends and music kept me busy… 😛

8. Loved?

In masters.. hmmmm… hmmmmmmm… may be!? 😛

8. Loved?

Came across so many lovely miracles that took my breath away or skipped a heartbeat or two… 😀
Just a stare… then a glare… and I’m lost in all despair……… Listen You’re beautiful (by James Blunt)…. this one to all the beautiful girls in the world… 🙂

8. Loved?

Well… There’s a friend I like a lot now… but don’t know if thats love? :-/ 😀 😉

8. Loved?

Hmmm… Okay so point is … I’m single and looking… dying to fall in love (and then know that that’s the feeling they call love… and know that I’m drowning in it..  feel it, live it…  😉 )

8. Loved?

Nimiety of nostalgia covers my heart as I think of this word. Could never figure out what it is, and if I had liked someone, was it love or what.. BUT, I can say for sure.. I love my dad, family, my friends, India, nature, Universe.. 🙂 (seriously… when I think of the greatness of this universe.. I feel equally good. 🙂 ) And yeah… I love music for sure. 😀 Well, I’m very very VERY V-E-R-Y emotional person… you see.. O:-) So bear with all these blah-blah, and my search for THE ONE continues.. 😛

9. A country you want to visit?

A Country? Well there are many I want to… specially UK (again and again), Ireland, Pakistan, Special Places – Polar regions, Mount Everest, Egypt Pyramids, Amazon forests, and every natural beauty here on earth. 😛

But my dreams have outgrown reality… and I wish I could sit on the moon once and look back at the earth.. then mars.. or Europa?!? 🙂 Ohh I love this universe.. 😛

10. Belief in God?

I don’t know!!!!! At times I’m atheist, at times I’m not. Depends… 😉 😛 lol… but lately I’ve moved much more away from God, specially due to the rigid and mindless traditional approach set towards spirituality by the society. Where does the conscience get to play its role!!???

11. One thing you would surely do to uplift this poor country.

Wish I could continue adopting the child I did.. 😦 But, may be, in future, for sure I’ll try to contribute in changing/establishing a better education system..

12. One secret about you.

I’m afraid to die for the fear of not being able to know what happens afterwards to the conscious world, the universe. Becasue I want to know every secret the universe beholds, and witness all of its miraculous happenings!! Also afraid to have realised at the end if that wasn’t the life I wanted to live!!! To face the what-ifs at the end.

13. Unforgettable memories…

When I lost my dad in std. 5.
The naughty, possessive, cute and charming girl who became my friend in std. 6. And after a year or so, never appeared back! No where!!
Witnessing earth-quake of Gujarat, its havoc, and the aftermath.
Lunacy that led to Cleansing and Purging in the riots. 😦
Some of the many ethereal experiences.

Phhew… finally I’m finished. 😛 So…. who’s next? VATSAL – hold the baton and carry it forward! Hope there are some flames still left in it… And your time starts now… 😀

P.S. Whoever put the VPP category here… thanks! 😉 Made it easier to sort. 😀 ROFL..

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