I Follow….

I knew this will happen…See you asked for it… I told you so…now why did you have to open that big mouth of yours….shubh-shubh bolo… and my favorite opening line- how did you know I was thinking of you! 🙂

Intuition. Sixth-sense. Pessimistic… be Positive. Visualization …. Haven’t we all heard of these? Folks, all that is being talked of can be experienced by each of you…actually. You already are!

Even I didn’t trust myself until I consciously started following myself. You read that right-I Follow myself… how do I ask; what are my thoughts; What do I ‘hope’…

Have you heard of ‘The Secret’. (No, I am not reviewing it)… About a year ago, it was the best-seller for more than 3 months in the Sunday-TOI. My Management students also mentioned it to me…That got me reeeally curious. …The Crossword said the book costs some Rs 526+some Rs 300 for the CD…!!! “Oh, Umm. I will come back…” What is this book about! I wanted it with all my heart…..

A month later, a courier came in for me at home. I opened it..There it was.. all nicely gift-wrapped book with the CD in it-THE SECRET! It did not have a valid sender address or phone number. Trust me..! The courier said the sender was from Pune. That’s it! It is more than a year and still a mystery… Later in the book, the speakers say- “You Ask and You will Receive…” Scary, but true!

I was a star-gazer of MoTA. I would comment on Savita’s posts and sometimes express my views on other MoTAite’s posts. But, I wanted to be one of the stars of MoTA… How do I get a break-through… That week I got an invite from Savita to join MoTA as one of the bloggers… 🙂

Last year, my brother, Ram in Bangalore wanted me to assist him with the content of English Business Communication. I sent it across but I expressed to Suku, ‘I wish I could take the training’…. just to know how Bangalore audience would be! A totally remote chance…. Going to Bangalore-no reason as yet! Out of the blue, one call from Bangalore needed me to make a two-day trip to Bangalore and Ram suggested, ‘now that you are here, why don’t you take a Training, da?’

10 years ago, when I saw the ad and write-up of Mrs. Pune Contest of Pune Festival, I remarked, ‘I will win the Crown, one day….’ Later I got busy in my profession and forgot about it… In 2008, I saw the ad again; I was free then and I went for it. I won the crown of Mrs. Pune-Audience Queen! 🙂

When all my folks were worried about what my biopsy report would come up with, I was following myself. I was very sure that I will be alright. If there is, then I will get it controlled with Ayurveda. All the while I visualized my Gynaec saying,” Ah! It is a Hormonal imbalance”… After a week, when she saw the report today she said, “Ah! It is a Hormonal imbalance”… and suggested there is no urgency for the operation as yet and that I could consult Ayurveda….!

Such true happenings are quite many… To put all this in simple sense, this is what I do… I tell myself – Laks, you ask and you will get…What do you want? For this, I avoid using words like ‘do not want’… ‘never’, ‘will not’…I hope I don’t’… I phrase my want in simple, specific words… and I follow myself.

You ask and you will receive… Simple, na?….

 Excuse me…Is there a Genie up there?! I trust there is!!!



Life….especially since 10th of August…

They say-it takes just a few seconds for fate to take a miraculous u-turn. They say-destiny takes its own due course, and that the events in this course may seem miraculous. Fate, Destiny and Miracle…the three words I had absolutely no belief on.

I remember that after losing the Inter School Quiz Competition and standing 2nd, in class Xth, I almost broke into tears. The Teacher accompanying us said “There’s something called destiny”. I got very cantankerous by her statement, and retorted that I write my own destiny. I guess it was since then, that I developed this hate against fate and destiny…and also miracles…and kept on raging an unending war against them.

But then, Me being a mere mortal…what stature do I have to hold them back. They subdued me and made me surrender to their might. Now, I too, am their patron. (If you guys remember…that I used to be their ‘Victim’). It was only their might and valour, that after being rejected once in the interview of Amdocs Pvt. Ltd. (a company which bars such candidates from reappearing for any interview for 1 year)…I was called again for another interview. And this time I got selected, that too with a pay hike of almost 80% and, the icing on the cake was, the promotion. I was supposed to join as a Senior Subject Matter Expert (SSME). I come home, jumping and hopping and dancing already amazed by the turn of fate…only to find the ‘Unconditional Offer’ of a seat in the MBA course of University of Leicester.

For the next 2 minutes, I was like, how? I exceeded their deadline to submit the recommendations. I did submit the recommendations, when they made a request through e-mail. The School of Management, University of Leicester is ranked 2nd in UK for Business and Management, by The Guardian Newspaper. It was the most ideal University for me, if not the dream University. And I have got an admission there? I mean, how? And, of course, WOW!

Then the reality sinks in…My days are changing…Things are happening for me. But, two many things, all of a sudden, on my head. Both equally lucrative(at least, at that moment, they seemed so). Both equally difficult to achieve…and I have both in my hands. And again..my mind saying..Now what?

A raging debate starts….Prolongs…for days to come. Participants are many-Me, My Mind, My Heart, My Parents, My Sisters, My Friends, My So-called Friends…And the arguments…from absolutely marvellous to absolutely outrageous…from completely prudent to quite nonsensical. Comparisons were being drawn, judgements were passed…Sometimes it used to get quite heated up…Sometimes it crossed the manors of sanity…Very few people supported the idea of joining Leicester. Rest all wanted me to remain a face in the crowd.

After all this, I decided. I decided…to walk a path less trodden…I decided …not to remain a face in the crowd…I decided…to experience the New. Risks were…and are many…but so will be the profits…when the gamble pays off. And I cannot be sceptical… I hate being the one who has eyes only for faults, and shortcomings…I cannot think of bad and worst scenarios only…and act accordingly. I like to see the glass half full…I believe the day will be the brightest, when the night was darkest…I believe that good things will happen to me…as and when I start believing in them. We need to be positive thinkers always…that’s how we’ll attract good and better things in our lives..that’s what is the secret of life… ‘The Law of Attraction’(A whole new concept which will be taken up in some other episode).

So, as the fate would have it…things again started happening. I got funded by My Uncles. Arranging for fees and finance ceased to remain a problem. Got the loan sanctioned for the remaining amount. Applied for an early exit and not serving the complete notice period in the company…that too got sanctioned. Applied for the Student Visa, quite late, and got it well within time. Well! All the things mentioned here did not happen as smoothly as I have mentioned here, there were plenty hitches and glitches and hiccups…all probably again because…at the back of my mind I always keep thinking…that my things cannot happen so easily…and hence the results are those hiccups…However, I also always believe that my things will get done …eventually…and they do. Law of Attraction at work in full force. J
As I am writing this(another piece of crap), in probably one of my last train journeys in India for the next one year…I was reflecting on, how quickly the time flew in the past 45 days. I stayed in 7 different cities, finished a heck lot of work, met a gazillion number of people…and to look at it…I never even had 5 hours to spend with myself. Today, I also left from the city of Pune…I guess forever…The city was my tormentor, my mentor, my hate, my love, my enemy, my friend…I left behind odes of memories…but not a single friend has been left…I left behind a shelter…in the hope to make a home…I left behind an organization…but not any company…It will be very emotionally difficult for me to go down the memory lane and single out events. It was a wholesome experience.

(P.S: Ending it right here…because I have lost track of what I have been writing…I started somewhere else…and now have started going down the emotional lane…Also because the memories somehow started haunting me…

And…Anu! If you ever read this…I Love You my friend…I don’t know…what I would have done without you!)