Pune: Little did I know….

“If you have to make a movie on a part of Pune, which part will you choose and why?” The radio kept on repeating and my brains kept churning. I guess its quite normal for your brains to wander when you have slept for less than 7 hours in last two days and spent more time in office cubicle than in fresh air and home combined.

So, which place will it be!!! Oblivious of present day situation, the first rendevouz with Pune was in February’06. It seemed a nice city then. Little did i knew then, that this city would be my bread and butter. Little did I knew that this city would see my dreams come true. Little did I knew that I would face the greatst adversity of my life here. Little did I knew I will lose love here. Little did I knew that I will discover love here. Love would be my life. Little did I knew I would find serenity here. Little did I knew I would find animosity here. Little did I knew my perceptions would change. Little did I knew my values would get further concrete. Little did I knew that I would be transformed from a Bihari babu to Deepak Bhau.

If there will be a contest to identify the city which is a true representation of youth, Pune would win hands down. Pune is truely by, for and of the youth. Because of which this city has never seen a riot or a terrorist activity. (Touchwood). The city is not governed on the loose theories of fundamentalists or relegion or racism or any colour of shits. This city is exemplary of the awareness and capabilities of the youth.

I love…. the view of the Konkan Ghats I get, while having the morning tea and cigarette, from my balcony …

I love…the neighbourhood, the Symbiosis Campus, the lovely hot babes of that campus :)…and their lovely admirable attitude…Unfortunately no pics to suffice my words…but I guess, the name Symbiosis should stand the testimony.

I love…the sexy, black, smooth… piece of tarmac which is right next to my place and is called the Airport Road, which makes me fulfill my speeding thirst. Trust me…. you seldom find such beauties in India and that too almost vacant at any point of time in the day, in a city which is racing towards the acme of the list of cities with maximum traffic jams.

I also love…the Pizza from Smokin’ Joes, the mindblowing Chicken wraps from Wrap A Round, the proximity to Gold Adlabs, the proximity to the Royal Enfield authorised service station, the proximity to oen till 4 a.m. liquor shop,the proximity to almost everything I need.

The answer to the question was right there, next to me, in fact, all around me, always…Viman Nagar….Viman Nagar was the area which gave me shelter, when every other area reused on terms of rent, obligations and availability….Viman Nagar is the area, which has given me so many memorable moments… Viman Nagar is the area where my Love found love in me….Viman Nagar would be the area I would make a movie on.

Although…Little do I know about Pune…Little do I know about its potentials…Little do I know about its charms…Little do I know about its traditions…Little do I know about its modern outlook and approach…Little do I know….yet!